Service terms and conditions:

All monitor/chassis repair is warrantied as follows:

Chassis are warrantied to work for 14 days after the day your package is returned to you. Exceptions to a warranty are related to malfunctions in your cabinet or with your tube if you did not send in your entire monitor or improper installation related to power/connecting to your cabinet. An example is connecting a chassis that requires an isolation transformer with out having the isolation transformer in the circuit. Another example is your monitor tube having a short on the yoke or a tube issue which can cause your monitor to no longer work. Warranty work does not include the cost of return shipping. If you have a warranty issue, it will be looked at right away upon receiving the chassis back and will not go to the end of the repair line.

Some risks associated with CRT tube rejuvenation could result in your tube no longer being salvageable and deemed unrepairable. You agree to the risk of tube rejuvenation if it is required and accept the possibility that it may render your CRT as dead.

We are not responsible for damage from shipping to or from our location and we will use the packaging that the chassis was sent in to return it. Be sure to properly package your chassis to eliminate the possibility of damage in shipping.

You are agreeing to the terms of the pricing structure per our website. These charges are subject to change in the future however if you submit an order we will honor the price paid at that time. Additional costs associated with your repair would be for flyback replacement which may be a new or used flyback in the instance new replacements are no longer available.