CRT Monitor Repair Services

Our team repairs all types of CRT monitors with decades of experience. We stock thousands of parts including full monitors, chassis, and components. We use only the best quality parts for our repairs.


Our team repairs all types of CRT monitors with decades of experience. We stock thousands of parts including full monitors, chassis, and components. We use only the best quality parts for our repairs.


Our services will correct all of the following CRT issues you are experiencing, including but not  limited to: 


  • Screen Distortion:
  • Horizontal/Vertical collapse – Just a single line across your monitor
  • Screen adjustment issues such as vertical hold or horizontal size
  • Shaky screen
  • Fuzzy/unfocused monitors
  • Jailbars
  • Flyback failure
  • Colors missing or overdriven
  • Power down failures
  • Screen Scroll or Screen Tearing
  • Flickering/Static or interference with images
We repair ALL types of monitors, even if they are not on this list of most commonly repaired monitors we service. Additionally, we strongly urge you to bring your entire monitor assembly in so we can adjust your colors on the tube if needed, inspect your yoke and tube and ensure your monitor is completely calibrated. During the repair process, we will reflow any cold solider joints, replace any bad components or replace any common failure components.
LCD monitor
High Resolution - Medium Resolution -Standard Resolution - Vector - Multi-resolution-monitor

Monitor Repair Process

All chassis are repaired in the order they arrive at our facility except for skip the line service.

Step 1: Fill out the repair request form here. You will pay for the monitor repair at this time under the
flat rate that we provide including your return shipping. The only additional charge you will incur is if we
need to replace a flyback or if there is extensive damage to your board where a component burned
through the board itself. If we can not repair your chassis, your payment will be refunded less the return
shipping fee and you will get your board returned to you. There would be no charge for the diagnostics
of your board if we cannot fix it.

Step 2: Once you fill out the repair form, safely package your chassis for repair including the remote-
control board with cable and the neck board. Individually wrap each item with bubble wrap and place
the chassis in a strong box with enough packaging. Print the repair form confirmation email and place it
in the box with your chassis. This same box is the box we will use to ship your chassis back so be sure to
select a box that can be shipped back to you safely.

Step 3: When we receive your chassis, it will be placed in our current queue. Once your chassis is up in
the queue, we will assess and repair the monitor chassis under the flat rate fee and only if needed
replace the flyback at a charge of $65 each. There are very few exceptions where flyback cost more,
and you will be notified of that prior to the replacement being done for your approval.


Step 4: We will bench test your chassis once the repairs are complete. After testing, we will wrap your
chassis up for return shipping and contact you with the final bill for the chassis repair. Once paid, your
chassis will ship back to you. See our warranty for additional information after you receive your chassis.

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Our primary technician has spent the last 20 years working at Namco America and Speedy’s One Stop Repair Service repairing all of the CRT and LCD monitors. He was the only technician for all of the monitors that both companies repaired.
Chassis are warrantied to work for 14 days after the day your package is returned to you. Exceptions to warranty coverage are damages to the chassis caused by the following: Malfunctions in your cabinet such as bad wiring Missing or defective isolation transformer Bad or missing grounding. Connecting invalid or incompatible video signals Physical damage or shipping damage Tube/Yoke bad, shorted or damaged Warranty work does not include the cost of return shipping. If you have a warranty issue, it will be looked at right away upon receiving the chassis back and will not go to the end of the repair line.
Monitor chassis are generally repaired within 10 business days. We keep the majority of components in stock so we are able to repair the majority of the chassis within this time frame. Keep in mind, we do not stock every possible part and some of the repairs may take longer. Depending on the queue of other repairs in the system, your repair may take longer. If you prefer you can skip the repair queue and have your repairs placed at the beginning of the line.
Flat Rate Pre-Paid Pricing:
  • Raster Monitor $140
  • Vector Monitor $175
  • LCD Monitor (Quote only and only onsite)
  • Skip the repair line $50

Additional Cost:
  • If your monitor requires a flyback, we charge a flat rate of $65 per flyback. There are a few exceptions, which are more than $65 for rare flybacks. You will be contacted for your approval if your flyback is more expensive.
  • Return shipping is a flat rate of $20 for the first chassis and $10 for each additional chassis. The flat rate shipping is only available to the continental US and all other locations will require a shipping quote.
  • If your chassis has physical damage such as a crack or hole from a burn, we may be able to repair it, however, it would create an additional cost that we would contact you for approval on.
  • Skip the line: We can move your chassis to the front of the line for an additional $50 charge. We will look at it as soon as the package is delivered, and repairs will begin immediately. In the event we cannot fix the chassis within three days, we will notify you, and you will not be charged the additional fee for skipping the line.

If your Chassis is not repairable, you are only responsible for the shipping charge.